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(2019) - Feature film directed by Robin Entreinger (2h08)

Marion, a French student in Portland, OR, is having terrible nightmares in which she gets killed. To fight her trauma, she writes all her dreams in a notebook.

In Portland, she meets Emma, another french girl, who's having problems of her own. Emma invites Marion to come to her meetings: a secret group in which Naya, the leader, is helping people fight their issues. Marion and Emma are getting closer and closer... Until Marion realises that Naya, the "healer" of the group, uses strange violent methods... Marion won't be safe any longer...



(2017) -  Feature film directed by Robin Entreinger (1h07)

A tent in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere. It was supposed to be a romantic weekend in the wild. But when darkness fell, it became a nightmare. They were not alone.

A movie by Robin Entreinger, with Valentin Bonhomme and Claire Suchet.

Music and Jumpscare's Sound Design by Johan Ducher.

Produced by Seven Light. 

Best sound and best opening at the Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017.

Best feature film at the Independent Film Festival of Miami 2017.

Best film at the European Mainstream & Underground Film Festival of Moscou 2017. 

Official selection at the Buffalo Dream Fantastic Film Festival 2017. 

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Short animated film directed by Julies Capmas & Auguse Rolfini

Three teenagers in front of an abandoned house decide to enter to lock the youngest for a bad joke. But when they decide that the joke has lasted long enough, it's already too late.

Music by Johan Ducher.

Sound Design by Mélanie Schulz.

Produced by Monkey Eggs Animation. 



Short film directed by Pauline Dupin

EICAR movie by Pauline Dupin.

With Carlos Montes-Roldan, Camille Loubens and Danièle Rezzi.

Music and sound editing by Johan Ducher.